Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Paleo Low-FODMAP Food List

Good Morning! I've been busy compiling more lists lately.... 

Today I want to share with you a Paleo Low-FODMAP Yes/Cautious-Limit/No Food list that I've compiled from Dr. Sarah Ballantyne's new book, The Paleo Approach, dietician Anglaee Jacob's book, Digestive Health With Real Food, and the FODMAP App from Monash University. FODMAP lists are highly variable so this should not be seen as a complete list. I have listed the most common foods here. If any of the above sources listed a food as a No food I placed it on the NO Foods list even if other sources listed it as a Yes, Limit or Cautious food. Therefore, if a food is not listed as a NO Food it is most likely ok to eat, but be careful. Remember, FODMAPs can be cumulative in nature; while one amount and/or frequency of ingestion may not bother you, another may. Foods listed in bold are ones you should make a priority to eat regularly. 

Please click on the link below to go to the spreadsheet.  As I get new information the spreadsheet will automatically be updated.

Paleo Low-FODMAP Food List from Practicing Primal

Want to know more about FODMAPs? I'm not a medical professional and others have already covered this in detail so here are a few resources that you can read through:

Radicata Medicine (please note that the list on this site is not up-to-date)
The Paleo Mom 
Chris Kresser 
Paleo Leap

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