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My August 2013 Whole30

My second Whole30 has been completely different than my first.  As I didn't go back to SAD eating in July, I didn't have nearly the detox symptoms so it was a much happier month! However, I didn't do well at sticking to The Plate for every single meal (or even most meals!) and I think that kept me from feeling as good as I did at the end of my first Whole30.  I also ate a lot more fruit this time around (I hardly ate any last time) because of the readily available seasonal yumminess, but I think that kept my Sugar Dragon alive.  =0(  I am continuing on for a Whole60 in September.

Here's the Stats:

Lost 9.6 pounds, 0.25 inches on both thighs, 1.5 inches on bum/hips, 1.25 inches on waist, 1 inch on bust. Nothing lost on biceps. Down a bit in my clothing size - still technically an 18UK/16US, but they're loose! :0D

The Scale I'm Using to Measure Symptoms:

No symptoms | Symptoms Rarely | Symptoms Sometimes | Symptoms Regularly | Symptoms Often | Symptoms Continually
    (never)             (monthly)                  (bi-weekly)                       (weekly)                (several x/wk)              (daily)
No Interference in Daily Life <---------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Significantly Interferes With Daily Life                        


Symptoms Record:




Tired but Wired / Insomnia (at night):10898

Feeling Exhausted:106108

Have to Nap: 10699

No to Low Energy:10688

Unable to Motivate:10688

Brain Fog: 8445


Stomach Pain:10676

Diarrhea / Loose Stool:108109


Tender Muscles:101099

Dry, Itchy Skin:10101010

Easy to Bruise:10101010

Hard to Loose Weight:10896

Depression /Low Mood: 10898

Cranky / Irritable: 108108

Sugar Addiction: 10898

Joint pain: 10023


 Measurements Record:




Weight:216 lbs205.4 lbs206.4 lbs197 lbs

Clothing Size:20UK/18US18UK/16US18UK/16US18UK/16UK loose

Waist:45.5 in45 in 44.5 in43.25 in

Hips:47 in46 in46.5 in45 in

Bust:46.5 in45.5 in45 in44 in

Left Bicep:15.5 in15 in15 in15 in

Right Bicep:15.5 in15 in15 in15 in

Left Thigh:29.5 in28.5 in28 in27.75 in

Right Thigh:29 in28 in27.75 in27.5 in


Pictorial Record

While the difference between the beginning of the month and the end of the month isn't readily seen in these pics, there are some differences if you look closely.  If you take a look at the pics from May 31, 2013 on the My Journey (Thus Far) tab you can see some further differences - namely in my face and how much my stomach hangs over in the side pictures. 

 Some Food Highlights From the Month:


"Christina's Regular"! Sweet potato/s with ghee and salt and bacon tend to be my breakfast most mornings.  If I don't have my sweet potato in the morning, I tend to feel it later in the day as I begin to drag. 

Shrimp and brussel sprouts sauteed in goose fat.  Not one of my favourite meals of the month.  I'm not sure if it was the combination or the fat - I've never cooked with goose fat before.

Spaghetti bolognaise with zoodles! My homemade spaghetti sauce includes passata, tomato paste, chopped tomatoes, garlic, onions, mushrooms, spices and mince or Italian sausage. I used this cool appliance for the first time and the zoodles (zuchinni noodles) turned out pretty great! I'm not sure I could tell that it wasn't real noodles under there.


I remade this Coconut Ginger Mushroom Chicken from PaleOMG that I made last month with my best friend on our girlie weekend away.  Still yummy!

Naked burgers with sweet onions, lettuce, tomatoes and avocados.  Accompanied by grilled zucchini and sweet onions.  I love veggies that my hubby grills (maybe because I'm not cooking them?!).

Homemade sweet Italian sausage (seasoning from The Whole Gang) in squash.  I also used the seasoning to make breakfast sausages.

Butternut squash soup (from Primal Palate) and roasted parsnip rounds that I did in my ActiFry with ghee - best way to eat parsnips by far!  A bit of fall in the air that night!



Homegrown raspberries in coconut milk.

Eating Out - It's Not So Hard: 


My kiddos were gone two weeks of this month so the hubby and I ate out several times.  I find it boring to eat out - it's not hard to get food that is compliant, but it doesn't usually taste that great! But, twice this month we went to Paolo's Kitchen and had a fab salad both times.

Trying Something New: 

Making my own KOMBUCHA!!!!!

And, Finally....


I started the summer (beginning of June) with one pair of shorts that were too small (US size 15 = UK size 17?? - no such thing as far as I know!) and one pair of shorts that were too big (US size 18 / UK size 20).  I bought two pairs of shorts for my trip to the US (US size 16 / UK size 18).  Now, at the end of the summer (beginning of September), I am left with only one pair of shorts that fit: the ones that were previously too small!!! YAY! (pictured below - and, yes, that's booch in my hand!)

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