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I do NOT like to cook overly much... especially when it's only for one.  So, I go as simple as possible for my meals and snacks.  Here's some samples of Paleo, Primal and JERF meals and snacks to inspire you. I will continue to add more so check back often! If the meal is made from someone else's recipe that is referenced and linked when possible.  Enjoy!


Double Stack Hamburger
My mom made these hamburgers from 3/4 beef and 1/4 pork.  I added avocado, sweet onion, tomatoes and sandwiched them between two lettuce leaves.  A delish fruit salad finished off the dinner. 

Sweet Italian Sausage Spaghetti & Marinara
The noodles for this spaghetti was spaghetti squash.  You could, however, use zoodles (zucchini cut with a spiral noodle tool).  I made this with my best friend on a girlie weekend so we used ready-made Italian sausage and basil marinara.  You could spice up your own ground pork and use a homemade marinara if you don't have access to any ready-made that are compliant. 

Coconut Ginger Mushroom Chicken
This was another entree made on my girlie weekend with my best friend.  It's actually out of Juli Bauer of PaleOMG's new cookbook: 'OMG That's Paleo?!'.  However, you can also find it on her blog here: 


Sweet Potatoes with Ghee & Bacon
I might as well call this one 'Christina's Usual' as it's what I have for breakfast every morning! I simply bake sweet potatoes for about a hour - two hours depending on their size and put some ghee and salt on them and mash them up.  I bake my bacon as I hate how it splatters when you do it in a frying pan!

Goat's Milk Kefir with Crumbled Morning Glory Muffin
I used a store-bought kefir, but you can make your own.  The Morning Glory Muffins are from Julia and Charles of Paleo Comfort Foods.  Personally, I didn't like them as muffins, but they make a great soft 'granola'-type food.  I made the recipe from their cookbook, 'Paleo Comfort Foods', but you can also get the recipe on their blog here: 

This used to be my go-to breakfast and I still like to have it from time-to-time or it makes a great lunch.  I usually use compliant deli ham, bell pepper(s), avocado, green olives and sometimes a hard-boiled egg if I'm really hungry.  However, feel free to use any cold protein, veg and healthy fat that you like!



Shrimp Salad
Most of my salads have a small base of romaine lettuce... because I don't really like lettuce!  On top of this I added red onion, tomato wedges, cold shrimp and topped it with a basalmic vinegar/EVOO combo as dressing. 



Butternut Squash Soup
This is perhaps my favourite soup.  Be careful when you blend the soup together that it is cool otherwise it will blow up all over your kitchen like mine did! Also, if your soup seems a bit weak you can add a baked sweet potato or two to it in the blender.  I made this from Bill & Hailey's cookbook 'Make It Paleo', but you can also find it on their blog here: 



Almond Butter & Celery Sticks
You can totally go all fancy-pants on this one and spread the almond butter on the celery stick.  You can even make the childhood favourite 'Ants on a Log' by sticking raisins on top.  Me? I just dip the celery sticks in the jar!

Almond Butter & Banana
You can't really dip a banana into a jar of almond butter because it would just break off, so I do actually cut a channel down the middle of my banana and fill it with the almond butter.  If you're not on a Whole30 or avoiding sugar you can drizzle a bit of honey on it for a sweeter treat.

Hard-Boiled Eggs
Not much I can say about this one! My only tip is to invest in one of those egg timers that are shaped like an egg and you throw into the pan of water with the rest of the eggs.  Also, don't try to peel them straight from the boiling water... that hurts (not that I'd know!).  

Pick-n-Mix Trail Mix
Instead of the normal sweets you'd find at a Pick-n-Mix (the British name for the bulk candy bins your find at the grocery store) I utilized the nuts, seeds, coconut and dried fruit (no sugar or sulphites) that I had in my cupboard.  Try out different combos until you find your favourite mix!


Sweet Treats

Lindt Excellence 90% Cocoa Chocolate Bar
Any dark chocolate will do I suppose, but I like Lindt.  Go with the highest cocoa count you can stand find.  If you've just finished a Whole30 this will taste sweet to you!  Try not to eat the whole thing in one go!


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